PFSENSE Read Additional Switch Info Off of Packet

  • Well let me try to explain this clearly…

    We have pics in every room of our building that all go to switches (makes sense)  In the outside (WAN) of pfsense we have software that can read what pic has what ip and other info.  But, inside (LAN) pfsense we cant get any of that information.  Is there anyway for pfsense to forward that info from the inside (LAN) to the outside (WAN) so that our software can read the PIC status and other information?

    such as PIC 3-105-A has an ip of xx.xx.xx.xx and is currently active
    this status needs to be read outside of pfsense, but right now our software cant get ito pfsense and obtain this information.

    hopefully i explained this problem clearly...  any help is as always appreciated.  Thanks!

  • Since it apparently works on the LAN i assume this works on a MAC broadcast level.

    Maybe this would work if you put pfSense into bridging mode and use it as a transparent firewall.

    But without knowing anything about your software that reads these infos i cannot say more. ^^"

  • Maybe it would help turning off nat? But like gruensfroeschli I have to admit that I don'T really know what you are talking about  ;)

  • i am contacting our web admin that works with the softwarre to find out more how the software works and grabs the information.  I will post a reply with the new information in a day or so.

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