Pfsense or vyatta

  • Greetings

    We are looking to add a few more ips to a clients network and they asked us if vyatta or pfsense would be a better solution.
    Honestly - we have been using vyatta for some time - and very pleased with the actual wire speeds it can perform…

    This client will be running approx 10 cPanel servers (so need transparent ip scheme and not NAT )
    A few windows boxes as well.

    In short - they also will have 2 connections.
    Kinda crazy - one connection hey are getting from someone else in our carrier hotel is requiring the provider to be their gateway for 3 class C's and we are handing off the responsibility to them for being their own gateway.

    So in short - they will want to route between the 2 if possible.

    Should I push them towards Vyatta - or is PFSense something we should take a deeper look into.
    From the download and testing I have just done - I am impressed... just not sure if it can handle the speeds this client will be pushing over the 2 fast ethernet they are going to be given ...

    We are giving them a 100mbps port as is Internap.

  • With the right hardware speed shouldn't be an issue:

  • This thread might be worth reading as well:,7668.0.html

  • Yeah speed is definitely not an issue with adequately sized hardware, two 100 Mb connections is nothing. The couple links posted are good resources, and there are many, many others on here who have pushed a lot more than 200 Mb. Yours truly included.

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