Heavy hard disk load when squidGuard activated and shallalist used

  • Hi there!

    I managed it to load the shallalist into squidguard and checked some categories to deny access (I allow 'all').
    But when I use the proxy in my Browser and point to a site (google.com), the connection via the proxy is very slow. I can see the loading bar growing, but it never finishes.

    Moreover, I can see on the lcd/led of my computer, that there is a heavy hard disk load, slowing down the hole system (performing 'less' on a simple textfile on console takes several seconds…)

    This Problem wasn't there when I didn't upload the blacklist, but checked the categories which were there by default.

    Help appreciated...

    Thanks & Regards

  • For FULL update and rebuilding Blacklist DB need 15-30 min (depences from powerful you system).  This is can make slowing down.

  • Ok. I will test that…

    But for the moment I'll stick to a smaller list (~5MB), which works fine...

  • After downloading Blacklist system start SG with non-builded bases and starting base rebuild. That's all making slowing down of system. With rebuilded base SG started on 3-5 times quickly.

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