LCDProc on Lanner FW-8760B (Vyatta 2600)

  • Hi everyone, I am having a little trouble with LCD on 8760 so I use LCDPRoc Development package so it seem work but it keep LCDProc Server on first row and Cli: 0 Scr: 0 on second row. I enabled the screen to show system uptime, traffic, etc. for refresh every 5 seconds but nothing happen.

    The settings I have followed from YouTube for settings on LCDProc Server I show you on screenshot so hope everything sort out to keep it flow. Mostly of the settings are default but just connector type and driver that I need to focus on to resolve the issue. I hope anyone of you have 8760 similar to mine should resolved and working. Any tips to keep in mind would appreciate it. Thanks!

    Lanner FW-8760
    pfSense 2.2.1 Release (AMD64)
    Intel Core i5-660 3.33GHz
    8GB DDR3-10600U (4x 2GB sticks)
    128GB Samsung MLC SSD

  • Anyone have this 8760 or any kind Lanner to get thing fully function?  :-\

  • Hi,

    I have a Vyatta 2600 and I am using the same settings that you are showing in your pic.  So far I have a display, but I did notice it didn't seem to be changing.  I just setup last night and didn't have enough time to work out all the details.

    Did you start the service?

    I am using the latest build of pfsense.  When I go home tonight I can gather more information for you as well.

  • After a full reboot everything started working on my LCD correctly.  How did you make out?

  • Once I followed one of his configuration to make it similar to mine on screenshot so I did configured mine and started the service. It still stuck LCDProc Server like that. I go for reboot once to see if it make anything happen.

  • Nothing happened after I rebooted it. Any suggest to make thing goes flow?

  • NVM It is working!  ;D I had to take lanner off then back on, bingo there's working LCD that can tell me CPU, Traffic, System Uptime, etc. Thanks for help!