Webgui not accessible after reboot

  • Hi,
    How can I find out which package or what the issue is with my 2.1.4 pfSense install. System had been up for 100 days until I started messing with it today installing and testing the NUT client, which works fine.
    Over the last 100 days I also installed pfblocker.
    Every reboot now causes the webgui not to come up but everything else works.
    I did find a command on the forum to restart the webgui over ssh which works fine but it's annoying me.
    The logs don't seem to show any issues.
    Any help to try and debug this appreciated.

  • Banned

    pfBlocker -> dead. 2.1.4 -> dead. Good luck.

  • pfBlocker -> dead. 2.1.4 -> dead. Good luck.

    Thanks for the prod, now running 2.2.1 and pfblockerNG. The upgrade went quite well, my IPTV multicast over the iGMP proxy is still working which is what I was scared of.

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