SIPROXD is working!

  • I am so glad, that I didn't give up on pfSense, when I discovered those difficulties installing it on my new machine with an Intel D201GLY2 mainboard (because of that problem with the UP kernel config preventing it to boot).

    The first package, that I installed, was SIPROXD, and I actually consider it the most important one, because without it, setting up VoIP would be a real problem (couldn't get it to work properly with my old Vigor router, and workarounds like STUN just doen't do it for all VoIP providers, like our local one). I just wanted to tell, that it's working great, and setup was just plain easy.

    There is only one thing, that I discovered so far: Yesterday evening I had to unplug the DSL cable from its wall socket, and I just found out now, that afterwards, when I plugged it back in, another instance (?) of siproxd wanted to start and aborted with the following log-output:```
    siproxd[79325]: siproxd.c:193 INFO:siproxd-0.7.0-4577 i386-unknown-freebsd6.3 starting up
    siproxd[79329]: siproxd.c:241 INFO:daemonized, pid=79329
    siproxd[79329]: sock.c:219 ERROR:bind failed: Address already in use
    siproxd[79329]: siproxd.c:275 ERROR:unable to bind to SIP listening socket - aborting

    When I just found out, siproxd was not running at all, and I had to manually start it again from the Status->Services menu.
    Is this a bug, or can this behavior be prevented somehow?

  • I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your question but I would really appreciate it if you would share your Asterisk and Siproxd configurations.



  • Yes, please share the info!

  • Hi Guys

    I too would love to see how this was setup!

    Thanks in advance

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