Outbound FTP Shaping

  • Is it possible to shape outbound ftp connections?

    I can only seem to get them to fall into the default queue, which has limited bandwidth. this makes downloading from ftp sites very slow.

  • If using the ftphelper (interfaces>lan) you will only be able to use the default queue as the traffic is not originating from the client anymore but by the pfSense. You only could change this behaviour by disabling the ftphelper. Clients would then have to use passive ftp connections as active won't work anymore (however, active doesn't work behind most other firewalls anyway). The next problem then is, that deending on the ftpserver that you connect and it's configuration all kind of different ports could be used which makes sending ftp to a special queue nearly impossible again. ftp simply sucks  ;)

    The trafficshaper in the upcoming pfSense 1.3 version will most likely adress this but for versions <=1.2 the situation is like described.

  • I can tell FTP sucks. I spent an hour searching around these forums and mailing lists through Google and came up with the same conclusion. I was hoping maybe someone knew something new, oh well..

    Thanks for the response. I'll keep my eyes open for 1.3.

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