Freeradius 2 packages missing

  • I have been running 2.0.3 with Freeradius 2 on it for over 12 months, then Freeradius 2 stopped working, so re-installed from good backup still not working.

    So I have re-installed pfsense from the disk I used before, the install went fine but I can no longer find the Freeradius 2 package.

  • FreeRadius2 is now only supported on pfSense V2.1 or later:


    pfSense 2.0.3 is very old - time to upgrade.

  • Is this why Freeradius 2 stopped working, this is not good, if packages are being removed from a working machine without the owner of that machine being aware.

  • Well stuffed now, upgraded pfsense to 2.2.1 and Freeradius 2 will not work, when -I run radiusd -X, I get set START-ENABLE to yes in \etc\rc.conf but there is no rc.conf

    No Freeradius package in 2.0.3 the best of all pfsense versions, since then nothing but basic stuff seems to work anymore.

    IPsec VPN does not work and Freeradius does not work.

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