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    I'm new to pfsense and have gotten it up and working great very pleased with what i see, the problem that I'm having is when I do a Speedtest from the browser the latency is like 500 and webpages load slower than before. If I do the test from a command prompt its fine pings are like 30's was wondering what I need to do to fix this I have searched forums but haven't found a answer.

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    Are you having some real problem beyond

  • If i check the speed anywhere using browser then its same pings are 500 or better I'm getting my 66mb down and 4 up every time just pings are terrible and web pages loader slower than before and no the pings are not right cause if I do it from command prompt they are fine.

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    How exactly does it do the ping portion of the test, because a simple sniff on the machine doing a speedtest did not show any icmp packets..

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    Well it does not ping at all - it's TCP/HTTP ("webping")… The comparison makes no sense.

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    Which is my point.. trying to compare that to pings he does from cmd line that would be icmp has nothing do with anything…

  • Ok here is what I'm talking about

    Test is using same ip as the first test this is just 2 test have done on multiple browsers and different sites have same issues, now if I take pfsense down and put my old router supplied by charter back in then test 1 will have a normal ping. This also is causing browsers to load slower than before. I know that seems to be only a issue in the browser and I know that the 2 test would be no comparison but  why is it high in browser running pfsense verse its not on old router. It's not that this is causing me any major problems but would like to fix the issue.

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    We already told you that comparing ICMP ping with what or another webping site tests makes totally no sense.

  • Yea I said I understand that but point I was trying to make is that the web test works fine on old setup but using pfsense for my router and dhcp server it does not and I was trying to figure out why.

  • Go find a packet sniffer, or simply a traffic monitor, and spend some time to learn how to use them.

    Although "feeling" like something is slow is perfectly valid, you should get some solid data so you can know what you can actually do to improve your situation. I recently made this mistake myself. Actually solving problems, compared to feeling like I have solved problems, is such a pain in the ass…

  • you could try to change your clients dns servers to something else … like /

    if that fixes it, then you are having a dns issue somewhere, are you running resolver or forwarder  on pfsense? what version of pf are you running?

  • I'm running the latest version of pfsense I tried changing the dns that did not work neither I'm running pfsense with the default set up no forwarders or resolvers

  • the default setup uses either resolver or forwarder, depending on the version …. it will never use "none" by default

  • Sry resolver is running didn't notice before.

  • DNS isn't going to factor into this.  It's only hitting the one site and the IP is cached.

    I generally don't trust those speed testers.  If you want to test your speed, download a file of known size and do the math.  For example, CacheFly has a number of test files ranging from 10MB to 100MB+ that you can download.  Here is a page that links to several test files:

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    are you using proxy in pfsense?  Any other packages?

  • No not using any proxy and no other Packages yet I want to use squid but have not installed it yet.

  • Also realize that the browser is at the top or Application Layer of the OSI networking layers and the command line is 4 closer to the hardware layer at the Transport layer. So you can get slower "Ping" at the top layer.
    Also try ipconfig /flushdns to clear the DNS cache and try pinging the server name in the command line. I have seen DNS resolution be a large part of latency issues.


  • I found the issue with Pings reading 500 using a speed test and Webpages loading slow prb was IP Do-Not-Fragment compatibility in Firewall advanced section checked Clear invalid DF bits and resolved the issue thanks for your help.

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