Internet doesnt work whan wan is static

  • hello all, i am new to pfsense so need answers most english as possible, right now the wan is set by dhcp (192.168.10.**) but i need to set it to static to use openvpn, but every time i change to static and set it the internet doesnt work and really need tyo get this up and going, can somone please help me?? what am i missing? i can give out more info accordingly, thanks!

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    No, we can't help without any relevant information. It doesn't work is useless problem description.

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    Well what is giving you your dhcp, your router?  ISP device that you have no control over?  What IP are setting static?  What mask are you setting, what gateway are you setting?

    Internet doesn't work - what is client using for dns, pfsense?  Is pfsense forwarder or resolver?  For what possible reason do you think you need to set a static on your wan interface of pfsense in a rfc1918 space to use openvpn for??  My pfsense wan is dhcp and I vpn into all the time, matter of fact I am on it now, etc..

    My car will not start when I turn the key, could you help me fix that?

  • Micahrocks2, I just opened another thread with the same issue. Maybe we can get a mutual solution. If I figure it out I'll cross-post here.

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    so is your thread just as lacking in information?

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