What configurations do I lose by disabling an interface?

  • I need to disable all of my WAN interfaces for a short time, preferably via the GUI.  They are:
    1. In a CARP setup
    2. With attached VIP's
    3. Acting as the Gateways
    4. Have a multitude of firewall rules
    5. Have Firewall Aliases attached to the VIP's
    6. Running OpenVPN
    7. Have RRD graphing turned on
    8. Who knows what else

    Will I lose any of my configs/aliases/RRD graphs by disabling the interfaces?  I understand that CARP will spam the logs, no external internet will be available, and so on.  I'm just wondering if there are any known breakages that I should expect when disabling/enabling interfaces on such a setup.  (Yes, I'll create a solid backup of the systems before I go breaking things.)  Also, I'm not opposed to rebooting after re-enabling the interfaces, but it would be nice to have a heads up before walking into this storm.

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