Asterisk Package: No packets received over WAN

  • I installed the Asterisk package, and I'm trying to set up a simple IAX connection between the pfSense and an Asterisk server on the Internet.

    If I run Diag / Packet Capture on WAN, I can see the traffic on port 4569 going both ways.  However when I turn on debugging in Asterisk (on pfSense command line), I am only seeing Tx packets, no Rx packets.  Packets are being sent, but not received.  On the remote Asterisk server, I can see both Rx and Tx packets.

    I added a firewall rule on WAN to allow UDP 4569 to "WAN Address".  The firewall logs do not show any dropped packets.

    It seems like pfSense is receiving the responses on UDP 4569, but doesn't know what to do with them, and Asterisk never sees them.  I feel like I am missing something simple, but I need some help.  Thanks.

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