Just installed PFsense in a x86 pc and I cant comunicate with it over LAN

  • I have 3 lans on it (onboad one and 2 Dlink PCI ones) and after i set them up and  give them ips, i cant access the server trough web and when I try to ping it, the first ping returns and the subsequent ones are dropped.

    After that the psfense doesnt answer my pings for a minute or so, then it replies to  one ping and stops answering for another 1 minute or so. It happens the same way with the 3 lan interfaces, and I already tested with my pc and my notebook trying to ping the PFsense, the same thing happens with both machines. Whats that?

  • What are you IP address, netmask and gateway for your pfSense WAN and LANs?  What is your local network, e.g.,…?

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