2.2.1-RELEASE Site-toSite IPSec VPN stops working

  • Now we have problems with site-to-site IPSec in 2.2.1-RELEASE version. VPN works for few hour, but after that all traffic stops. Tunnels seems to be up, but no data thru tunnel. I have one child SA

    Then I have one working tunnel 2.2.1-RELEASE - 2.1.2-RELEASE and over 100 of child SA's.

    All tunnels between 2.2.1 versions wont work correctly. So, is there a problem with rekey or what?

    2.2.1-RELEASE Mobile VPN are also totally broken. Do anyone has a idea will this "not so Strong"Swan ipsec be fixed? Now we are going rolling back to 2.1.5 version because 2.2.x version is not stable and not suitable for any production use.

  • After version 2.2.2-RELEASE upgrade this seems to fix this problem. good job!

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