VOIP shaper config clarification?

  • When using the wizard and defining a VOIP wizard shaper, does the shaper do anything if you specify the VOIP type to be "Generic" but you don't enter anything in the address box?

    I had hoped by selecting Generic VOIP type and not specifying any addresses, it could just find and prioritize all VOIP traffic automagically, though it really seems like it's doing nothing.


    1. Can a CIDR address be entered in the address box? We have about 100 phones which are assigned in a separate DHCP LAN pool. I do not want to be typing in every address in the DHCP pool.

    2. Can the external phone gateway be entered in the address box rather than the internal network phones? (We're using a hosted / controllerless setup with no local VOIP controller.)

  • Queues shape traffic assigned by firewall rules.

    So, if it can be manipulated by a firewall rule, it can go into a queue.

  • The wizard attempts to make sure that VoIP traffic goes into qVOIP by directing your SIP server traffic to it, but it doesn't do it by DPI or any magic – just it's address.  If you already have your phones segmented off by themselves then it will be stupid simple.  Create an alias for your phone subnet, then modify the floating rule that directs the VoIP traffic and change the source to be your alias.  Done.  All traffic coming from your phone subnet will be shunted to qVOIP.