Freeradius2: WLAN with certificates

  • Hello,
    I have two questions.

    Is this szenario able to do:
    I want to secure my WLANs with certificates. I have 50 pfsense boxes.

    I have a root CA on the clients and on the pfsense boxes. Every client has a client certificate signed by the root CA. (client certificates not covered in the pfsense boxes)
    Is there a way to tell freeradius to authenticate all users with a valid certificate signed by the root CA?
    No username/password needed. Or only one user/password combination for all.

    If a client is stolen or something - I only want to put his certificate on the CRL and he dont get access anymore to the WLANs.

    Second one: Can I create a task to automatically download and update the CRLs in my pfsense boxes? I publish them on a website.

    Thanks for your help :)

  • No one an idea?

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