Netgate RCC-VE 8860 or pfSense SG-8860

  • I am considering getting either a Netgate RCC-VE 8860 or pfSense SG-8860.

    Besides the price and colour  ::), I am preferring the Netgate based on the shipping costs to Australia:

    Netgate RCC-VE 8860
    FedEx International Economy $56.28
    FedEx International Priority $61.27

    pfSense SG-8860
    FedEx International Economy $112.74
    FedEx International Priority $118.85
    (US dollars)

    What are your thoughts about the two units?

  • That should be the exact same price either way, they both ship from the same warehouse via the same methods. There must be something weird happening there with the FedEx calculation. I'm not sure which one of those is correct. Please email sales(at) and someone who knows a lot more about FedEx cost calculations than I do will be able to help.

  • I already have tried emailing sales.
    No response.
    Black paint must be very heavy…

  • If netgate is a so called long time customer of FedEx they will be able to get a higher discount
    on the transportation fee! Same warehouse or not, this has nothing to do with the entire amount!
    If netgate is sending under the name netgate and pfSense SG units will be send under the name
    pfSense shop it is for FedEx like two total different companies are acting.

  • Did you sort this out immy?

  • Yes, it was a bug in the quote system.
    Dealt with sales directly and got the SG-8860.

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