Clients can't access Windows 7 devices

  • Hello,

    We connect to our IPSEC server using PC's running Windows 7 and Shrew Soft VPN Client. Everything works fine, except for being unable to detect or access local Windows 7 machines. Windows XP computers (yes, we still have on those) and our Qnap NAS (Linux based) can be accessed just fine.
    Windows 7 machines can access each other without problems when they are both in our local network.

    So it seems to be an issue caused by Windows 7. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

    pfSense 2.1.

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    Fix the Windows firewall settings or disable it.

  • Windows Firewall was already disabled on all devices. Anywhere else I can look?

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    Ask MS.

  • So no one has seen this problem before? This can't be due to a setting in pfSense firewall or IPsec?

  • Did you create any rules limiting traffic based on OS?  That is possible in the rules.

  • I can't find any rules that could filter traffic based on OS. If we would have such a rule, where would I be able to find it?

    I have been looking around for an answer, and what I have repeatedly read is that this might be caused by split tunneling being disabled. I can't find any setting like that either.