Settings for a gateway with higth latency

  • hello,

    one of my ISP Gateway is a connection ALSATIS satellite. Satellite connections have the distinction of having a high latency (between 500 and 1000ms). pfsense constantly says my Gateway in status "warning" … because of this higth latency.
    How do I set it so that Gateway tolerate latency?
    thank you in advance

    NB: please escuse me for my bad english

  • goto system–>routing-->gateways--> edit your gateway --> advanced --> modify latency thresholds

  • System->Routing, edit the gateway, press the Advanced button, put some big numbers in Latency Thresholds and maybe also Packet Loss Thresholds.
    You can also increase "Down" so that it waits longer before deciding that things are bad.

  • ping is between 500 and 1000 ms…. what value do I put in "Latency Thresholds?


  • Put more than what would ever be normal. e.g. if you are doing a big download then you might see the ping times go quite high on satellite but still the link is up. Maybe 2000 to 3000ms?
    Then do some stuff to load down your link and see what happens to ping time and packet loss, then increase the thresholds to exceed that sort of "loaded use" pattern.

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