Microtec v.s pfsense

  • Greetings to All

    pfsense has great features but whats the advantages of pfsense against microtec . will it suport 1500 users ?? and how to restrict users wtih user id and password. looking forward for your kind response


  • whatis microtec?..link?

    restricting users hmm..guess captive portal is a option, cinda depends on what cind of function you are looking for.

    i´d say that handling 1500 users is more a question of how much bw they use(asuming they dont all use torrent proggies at the same time)



  • I think he might be refering to RouterOS that comes with RouterBOARDs from Mikrotik.

    Here's a reference I found: http://www.mikrotik.com/software.html

    Saw them at this supplier, http://www.xagyl.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=57_30 might be others too.

    Anyway, it seems it is a linux based router/firewall. Seems somewhat similar to Vyatta, but there doesn't seem to be a free/community edition.

    From what I can tell from a quick look at the demo, a lot of the functionality is only available from the telnet interface, with only a selected subset being available from the web interface.

    I don't know how this would compare to pfSense, I'm sure someone around here might have a better idea though.

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