CARP breaks after adding additional interface

  • I had posted this as a reply to a similar topic in General Questions, but I think it probably fits better here.

    Just tonight I noticed similar behavior, but with RC4.  I'm using an Intel 4 port 10/100 PCI adapter, using the first port (em0) for CARP.  This has worked fine in the past, but tonight I added an additional port (em1), saved and then subsequently lost communication with the firewall.  By some stroke of luck I was able to access the WebGUI again a couple of minutes later, but couldn't access any hosts NATed behind the firewall.

    It's important to note that I'm using the em0 interface (on both firewalls) for CARP only.

    At this point, CARP status was showing init, and I removed the em1 interface.  Once those changes applied, CARP showed that the firewall was again in master mode and I could access hosts behind the firewall.  The intended use for the additional interface is VLAN trunking.

    Is there something that I'm missing here?  Em1 wasn't enabled, but shouldn't have affected general traffic through the firewall, nor should it have had any effect on CARP sync..

    Any thoughts/help is greatly appreciated.


  • Apparently when a new interface is added (even from an existing card), a reboot is required.  Seems a little silly when you should be able to accomplish the same thing via restarting networking and routing..

    Does anyone know if the same holds true when you add a new vlan?  Or can you simply do an ifconfig <vlan>up?


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