Using CARP Cluster with additional Virtual IP for NAT 1:1

  • Hello guys,

    I'm using pfSense 2.2.1 with CARP Cluster and the Sync is working very well.  Fallows my scenario:

    WAN - I have a block /24 (
    LAN - one block /24
    DMZ - one block /24 (I'm using Split DNS in the DMZ - internal and external view)

    As I have a  block /24 to WAN, I would like to use some IPs this block for NAT 1:1.

    In this scenario with CARP Cluster, what type of Virtual IP I use for NAT 1:1?

    Proxy AP works well, but does not synchronize with the firewall02.

    Anyone have any idea?


  • Use CARP VIPs…

  • Hello Dotdash,

    Now Its working very well without IP conflict! CARP is the best!!!

    Thank you so much!