Internet Connection Problem

  • Hi

    I have Following  System

    Windows 2012


    Wan from Cable  DHCP

    Windows Server 2012  IP

    at first the connectio was ok but after i ask IPCONFIG on Client PC i coud not find my home domain name , and  after turn off and on my connection to internet was DC , but connectio between server and PFSENSE was ok .
    please somebody help me to resolve this problem


  • Which version of pfSense?
    Is this a new install or was it working well before?
    What exact ipconfig command did you run and why?
    Which client PC are you talking about?  You never mentioned a client.

    on Client PC i coud not find my home domain name

    What do you mean here?  That you couldn't resolve your domain name, or that you couldn't access a resource based on its domain name?

    and  after turn off and on my connection to internet was DC


    If you could answer my questions and explain a bit more the problem you are having, then maybe we could make some progress.

  • Thanks  for reply

    The Pfsense is new version I just setup a new network in my office  with  20 client ,
    I use a windows server 2012 r2  I installed AD  with DNS and DHCP  also I have setup PFSENSE
    the Network works very well but  wen I connect cable for internet cable the network  have internet  but i cheked ipconfig in my client there wase not my domain name keyvan.tst  after that  i was restart the system  and then my internet connection was disable network works very well without internet  .

  • If I understand you, you're saying that your client is having a problem getting a DHCP lease from your Windows 2012 server?  I'm not sure what pfSense has to do with it.

    Running ipconfig is going to show you your network connection details as given by your DHCP server.  pfSense isn't even involved unless your client is going out onto the Internet.

    Just because I'm curious, what does your client have for IP address, netmask and gateway?

  • The first problem is the pfsense don't connecting to internet its take DHCP IP from my ADSL but when i Ping there is not internet in pfsense side

  • What are you pinging?  Can you get to the WebGUI and configure pfSense?  Can you ping from Diagnostics - Ping?

  • Thank you again

    No the ping is not answer

    M y configuration WAN ip DHCP from cable of adsl
    My LAN ip is    192168.2.1

    windows Server IP.
    DOMAIN NAME keyvan.tst
    DHCP AND DNS IS setup on Server 2012

  • OK, you're not really answering my questions, which make sit very hard to help you.

    My final attempt to help you, pleae post screenshots of the following:

    Interfaces - WAN
    Interfaces - LAN
    Firewall - Rules - LAN
    Firewall - Rules - OPT1
    (if present)

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