New Question about specification on Pfsense

  • Hi everyone.

    I would like to configure a IPSEC. So i have a question about that. What do i have to put on the blue squares of my screen ? The subnet inside PfSense ( ? or my public IP.

    So I need to know what increase on the three blue blocks ? The address i give to the client ?

    I did some search but nothing i find to help me.

  • This is not really a pfSense question, but something they should have covered in IPSec 101.
    Here is a good place to start with concepts.
    Anyway, here is a quick rundown. Please try to get the basics down before asking on the forum.

    1. Remote subnet is the subnet in use on the LAN side of the network you are connecting to. Note that it has to be different than the LAN subnet you are using.
    2. Remote gateway is the public IP of the VPN device you are connecting to. If it is another pfSense box, this would normally be the WAN address.
    3. My Identifier can be left at 'My IP address' for simple configurations.

  • thank you. Sorry  for asking stupid questions  :-[

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