Pfsense on dell gx260… help with booting

  • i can install and run pfsense fine, its getting it to boot that is the problem.

    the computer is a dell gx260 w/256mb of ram and 2ghz pentium 4.

    i have pfsense installed on to a 1gb usb flash drive, the only way i can get it to boot is by manually entering the boot menu and booting from the "utility partition".

    same if its a reboot.

    the bios is set to boot from the usb device first; even from the boot menu if i select the usb device, it doesn't find a bootable device.

    this gets old when everytime i need to reboot the system, i need to connect a monitor and keybaord >:(

  • did you try to setup with and without bootblocks already? also using the grub bootloader is an option to test out.

  • yup, tried that.. no good :(

    i have three options when asked about the boot "stuff"

    install bootblocks
    packet mode
    use grub

    what do those three options do and mean?

  • Make sure install boot blocks is checked.  Check install grub.

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