DNS issue on VLAN's

  • Hi!

    I have an problem on multiple VLAN's with DNS. I've googled and searched forums but could not find the direct answer.

    As said i have 5 VLAN's on my PFSense running without any problems. Internet, DHCP all works fine. Only internal DNS resolving goed directly to my external IP and it will resolve to FQDN. I have to explain with it that I have static IP's in my network and that i don't want to use Host Overrides on the DNS fowarder (if possible). For my DHCP computers it doesn't matter as you can enable the option for Registering the leases.

    How can i make sure that when i ping an netbios hostname it will not go to my external IP but to my internal IP's also across VLAN's?

    Thanks for your help!

    Regards, Cletus

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    By having records for them..  How else would you do it?  Across vlans it is not possible to broadcast for names.  So you need dns to resolve it, or you could run a "wins" server if you so desired to resolve "netbios"

    Just create a host over ride it takes all of 2.3 seconds tops to do so ;)

    In the amount of time it took you to post the question you could of created them all..

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