Issue keeping IPv6 address on Apple iOS devices

  • Current setup is a TunnelBroker 6in4 tunnel with the routed /64 on the LAN interface as 2001❌x::1.  I have the router advertisements currently at "Assisted" for max compatibility.

    When an iOS device first connects via wireless it grabs both an IPv4 and IPv6 though iOS 8.x will not show you the IPv6 the device will show v6 DNS servers and going to a site such as will show you IPv6 working.  When I leave the Wifi network and it switches to LTE then get back in range it will only pull an IPv4 address.  I am able to disable Wifi in iOS tell the iOS device to forget the wireless network, then rejoin and it again pulls an IPv6 address.

    Is this more of an issue with iOS and IPv6 or something I could tweak in pfSense?  I have been playing with the different RA types: Unmanaged, Managed, Assisted and also played with DHCPv6 lease time to see if that would impact things but so far no change.

    Anyone else seen this similar issue?

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