• Hi,

    Im trying to get tcpdump to capture and rotate.

    For testing im trying this:```
    tcpdump -C 1 -W 3 -i em1 -w capture.pcap 'host'

    It creates the file capture.pcap0 just fine but it ignores -C 1 option and the file just keeps growing in size instead of rotating between  captute.pcap0, capture.pcap1 and capture.pcap2
    It works on both Centos and Linux Mint but not on pfSense
    Any ideas?

  • "The units of file size are millions of bytes (1,000,000  bytes)"

    You probably have but since not mentioned how large the file has gotten?  Have you verified it is larger then the million bytes specified?

    Also since tcpdump is actually part of FreeBSD you might try their forums.

  • First test ran for a couple of minutes, result approx. 500 MB
    I will check out FreeBSD too