Shapping traffic between DMZ and WAN, but *not* DMZ and LAN?

  • I want to limit the amount of WAN bandwidth that the DMZ can use, but not shape traffic between the LAN and the DMZ.

    After going through the traffic shaping wizard, using DMZ in the LAN box, it appears to both limit traffic between LAN and DMZ and WAN and DMZ.

    How can I fix this?

  • pfSense 1.2 only supports trafficshaping between 2 interface out of the box. Please read up at the bounty board for changes in the upcoming version 1.3 regarding trafficshaping.

  • The problem right now is that it's shaping traffic between all interfaces equally.

    It's shaping traffic between (WAN and DMZ) and between (DMZ and LAN).
    There's no way to get it to shape between just WAN and DMZ?

    • Keith

  • Try deleteing the whole LAN queue config.

    Though i do not know how 1.2 will cope with that.

  • Im running 1.2 final and I may be trying to do something similar, can someone confirm?

    I have my Webserver in the DMZ and have a LAN and WAN if.  Currently I am shaping the LAN and WAN with simple shaping to prioritze the VoIP data.  I also want to limit all LAN -> WAN traffic to some KB limit to ensure the DMZ if gets all the bandwidth it needs.

    Since the DMZ is bridged to the WAN, is this not possible in 1.2 ?


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