LAN_Guest -> WAN_DSL outbound NAT no workie

  • I cannot get the Guest LAN to go out our DSL WAN connection. I have to set outbound NAT to use the WAN connection in order for it to work. This overrides my firewall rules which tell the Guest LAN to go out the DSL (I only have to rules on this interface). In the routing table it shows me using a MAC address for a gateway that is not on the firewall (probably the modems). There is nothing in the firewall logs pertaining to my computer's LAN Guest IP getting blocked.

    I have a 4 port NIC + a 1 port NIC
    DC0: LAN
    DC1: LAN_Guest
    DC2: WAN
    DC3: WAN_DSL
    XL0: DMZ


  • Try this

    On Lan_Guest rule tab

    • Lan_Guest * Lan_Guest address (Interface IP address) * *
    • Lan_Guest * * * WAN_DSL

    System -> Static Routes

    WAN_DSL    WAN_DSL  ISP DNS 1    WAN_DSL gateway
    WAN_DSL    WAN_DSL  ISP DNS 2    WAN_DSL gateway

  • I had a rule that looked like this on LAN_GUEST.

    *  LAN_GUEST net  *  ! All_My_Internal_LANS (not including LAN_Guest)  *  *

    That was stopping it for some reason. Even though the traffic never touches/sees/passthroughs/ any of the other LANs, it was still blocking it.

    I reordered it, putting this rule above it (it used to be at the bottom)
    *  LAN_GUEST net  *  *  *  WAN_DSL

    now it works. Any ideas why that is?

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