PostFix Forwarder SQLite no file in the "Search Mail" tab

  • 2.2.2-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Mon Apr 13 20:10:22 CDT 2015
    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p9

    Managed to get posftix forwader working after the package seemed to not work which was noted on the forums.  Had to do some pkg installs of a few extra packages.

    Anyway…now that it's working almost perfectly I wanted to search through the queue but when I click on:

    Services > Postfix Forwarder > Search Mail (tab) >...

    Under this section:  Sqlite files:

    There is no file listed and I can't search the queue because it keeps asking me that I need to select a file...of course, it means an Sqlite file but there isn't one.

    I tried installing sqlite from the pkg command; and it did.

    How can I reconfigure Postfix Forwader to create that file / files and use the Sqlite package so I can use the Search Mail tab?


  • It needs a package fix. There is a bounty already done to fix it.

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