2.2.2 package reinstall failed to complete - CLI fix

  • Following a failed 2.2.2 upgrade I did a clean install from a 2.2.2 ISO.
    I restored the saved config.xml from backup/restore but squid3 failed to complete its installation.
    I attempted to reinstall squid3 from the gui but the console shows lighttpd SSL error and disconnection after roughly 80% done.
    The same problem occurs when reinstalling all packages from the gui backup/restore page.

    Then I remembered the handy new feature that found its way into 2.1, command line package install!

    From the console shell…

    pfSsh.php playback listpkg
    pfSsh.php playback uninstallpkg squid3
    pfSsh.php playback installpkg squid3

    Reboot after install completed and all seems OK.

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