Need help!

  • Hey Guys,

    Here's my problem.  My service provider has given me a couple of IP addresses, but has been know to put other devices on to those addresses before which  cause me problems! I know it's their fault and i've let them know about my frustrations before.  Anywho, i set out to try and fix this problem on my end by setting up a CARP system.  Well this morning there was another conflict!  My carp system didnt failover to the second IP address and did work.  here is my system

    INT      External      Internal
    VIP        150
    PF1        151
    PF2        152

    151 was taken by another machine but CARP didnt failover to the 152 machine, how would I go about doing that?

    The next problem that occured was when I was able to halt 151, some machines could go through 152 but most couldn't.  On pings from internal machines, they would all come back that the destination wasn't reachable, trying to ping or

    Does anybody have any ideas?  I'm about to go away on vacation for 3 weeks and am now getting neverous that someone else is going to bring my system down by accident!


  • CARP is designed to protect you against hardware failures. Nothing can save you from a completely incompetent ISP.
    I don't think there is any solution other than getting a new provider.

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