NRPE custom command problem

  • Hello,

    Back in pfSense 2.1 I manage to setup a custom command for NRPE that allowed me to check the status of pfsense services (like apinger, ntpd, squid, …). You can see my mini howto here :

    We manage to update our pfsense version to 2.2.x and since this update I can't get it to work.

    I will explain it assuming I want to test the apinger service.
    The NRPE script launch the command "/usr/local/sbin/pfSsh.php playback svc status apinger", parse the result and send a Nagios understandable return.
    When I launch my NRPE script from my pfsense boxes the result is OK. When I launch the NRPE test from my Nagios box I get "NRPE: Unable to read output"
    If I launch a classic NRPE test (like check_load) the result is OK.

    Does someone has an idea on how to make this work again?


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