How to Remove OLD pfblocker after 2.2.2 upgrade

  • Hi All,
    Never had this problem with pfSense.  I upgraded 2.2.2 and pfblocker wasn't working.  So I went to the packages and all that was there was pfblockerNG.  So I installed it.  No go.

    Steps I've taken

    • Removed all rules pertaining  to pfblocker
    • Removed pfsenseNG
    • Rebooted pfblocker still there

    Ive looked at the forums and I still don't have a clue as to it's complete removed and the reinstall pfblockerNG.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi aboxtech,

    I wrote a script that can remove the old version of pfBlocker. You can find it in the following thread here:

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi BBcan,
    I saw that but where do I run the script and how do I get the script to where it needs to be?  That's where I'm lost.


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    First make a backup of the pfSense Box.

    Goto pfSense GUI : Diagnostics : Edit file :

    Copy the script from the thread I posted above to the  Edit Window.

    Enter the file name/path as    /usr/local/www/removepfb.php

    Click "Save"

    then from your pfSense GUI


    (Change x.x.x.x to your pfsense box IP  and yyy to the port setting used.)

    This will report to the screen what it removed and that it completed successfully..

    You shouldn't need to do anything further.  :)

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