CIDR ranges in SpamD whitelist not working

  • I have been using SpamD with our corporate pfSense firewall for about a year now.  We've just decided to try and white list published IP ranges from Google, Microsoft and some of our larger customers to help alleviate the delay in legitimate business email.  I have tried adding IP ranges (such as a.b.0.0/16) to the dedicated 'SpamD Whitelist' tab as well as creating a .txt document and adding it to the 'SpamD External Sources'.  While I have better success with the 'SpamD Whitelist' tab, I'm not able to reliably whitelist IP ranges either way.  I am able to whitelist single IP addresses on the whitelist tab, but even single IP addresses do not seem to whitelist when using the external sources tab.  I can't whitelist every single IP address, of course, as that would be an inordinate amount of IP's.  Is this a bug I'm encountering or am I just doing this all wrong?  I've been using SpamD for a little while now, so I understand the concept and it's basic underpinning, but while the spamd.conf file looks correct and the whitelist file seems correct, and even the file permissions seem to be OK, I'm not getting this to work.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Looks a bug for me…. actually I already open a bug report a year ago but nobody even check... :(

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