RRD graphs for a Virtual IP

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    Is there a way to configure RRD to generate graphs at the virtual IP level in addition to the Interface level?
    I realize I could use Darkstat or BandwidthD to get this sort of info, but I like how RRD looks.

    I imagine I would need to edit a conf file somewhere, but thought I might ask if anyone else has had the same crazy thought, and managed to succeed, before I attempt to reinvent the wheel.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Dude…not even a "You're a crazy nutjob" response...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, there is no way to get per-IP bandwidth stats from the base system. VIPs are not their own interfaces on 2.2.x, and even with CARP VIPs on 2.1.x where they were separate, those "interfaces" did not send/receive traffic in a way that could be tracked.

    You'll need a separate package for that (ntopng, a netflow server, bandwidthd, etc)

  • Thanks for the confirmation, Jim.  That's what my research was telling me as well.

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