PfSense doesnt install BootLoader on HP Thin client.

  • Hello,
    I had tried this about a year ago, on pfSense 2.1.0 with the same result.
    Specs: HP Thin Client, with upgraded Socket 479 CPU [1.0 GHz Sempron x86 - Original] -> [2.0 GHz Turion x64 - Current], and [2 GB DoM - Current] -> [8 GB Class 10 Compact Flash, with 2.5" IDE to CF Adapter].

    1 GB DDR2 SDRAM.

    Machine never had a Dual-Core CPU - always single-core.

    pfSense USB Installer detects and acts like it is installing onto the ATA Flash CF card. No errors are displayed on screen. Everything SEEMS to be fine. Upon reboot however, I get "no operating system found". I don't believe it is installing any boot loader, or at least, not a compatible one.

    System uses Passive Cooling, but I have a mid-size desktop fan on it 24/7.

    You'll probably need more info to diagnose, but I don't know what info exactly. Please Advise.


    P.S.: I have the same issue with the 32-bit installer and the original H/W.

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    I don't understand what you are doing. Write nanobsd image directly to CF. You do not want a full install with CF.

  • Netgate Administrator

    I agree that you probably don't want to be running a full install from flash. However there are people doing it and I don't see why what you're doing wouldn't work. Have you tried booting the CF card in something else.


  • In the link above the description instructs to install NanoBSD…

  • Ok, so I need to do a NANO install. I have never done this, so I guess it didn't occur to me to try it. I have always used a regular install on my NetGate APU. Thanks for the idea. I'll try that when I get back into work tomorrow. I was out sick today.

  • @robi:

    aaronouthier, did you see this?

    Also, thanks Robi. This is the exact model I'm using.

  • Ok, I am downloading Robi's Tool for NanoBSDinstallation. I went to grab the NANABSD image for pfsense, but there is no 8 GB image. I am using an 8 GB CF card. Will the image autoexpand?

    Also, am I able to install packages on a NanoBSD installation??

    I have a PCI expansion jacket on my Thin Client, and a PCI to CardBus adapter. In spare parts I have a 2 GB Microdrive and PCMCIA adapter jacket. I want to run e2Guardian and Squid, and will be using the Microdrive for Squid cache once everything is working.

    All-in-all, I would really rather use a regular install, as oppose to a NanoBSD.

  • There is no 8GB nanoBSD image built. Install the 4GB image. It will use the first 4GB of the 8GB CF card. The last 4GB will be free. Who cares?

    Dansguardian (becoming E2guardian) and Squid (as long as you do not want to cache) run on nanoBSD. If you are going to do Squid caching then you need a full install.

    Some packages are not supported on nanoBSD - to see which are not supported you can look in - search for "noembedded" to find packages that do not install on nanoBSD.

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