Port Forward multiple RDP ports

  • I have 5 static IP.  I am only using Port Forwarding at the moment.  I intend to use 1:1 in the future for some other things asides from the RDP.  All my machines have the proper registry for RDP modified.  All my port forwards works with a Linksys device.  Please see the attached graphic below.  Maybe I'm just missing something or over looked?  I have 4 RDP ports mapped to different ports and, only one of my RDP works which is the one on port 2323; I used "other" as the service for all of them.

    Only 1 of the RDP port forwards works to same public ip…why?  Reboot was already done - one RDP port forward works, and SMTP port forward works.  Assistance appreciated.  Thank you.

  • What is that port 0327? Why the leading 0? Also I wouldn't use ports below 1024 as most of them are used for other systemservices and some OSes even don't allow you to bind services to that range. Did you already test that all the rdp's at the clients have to moved to the new ports at LAN? Maybe they need a reboot. Btw, I wouldn't have changed the rdp ports on the machines. You can also do port translation like external IP, port 3500 to internal IP port RDP. This makes it a lot easier and you don#t have to change the clients.

  • HOBA, as always, thanks again as you resolved it for me.  From what I just experienced, pfSense is much "pickier" than something like Linksys.  All this worked using Linksys - even with changed RDP port on client machines.  pfSense is however, also MUCH more flexible.  Your advice on not changing default port in the RDP example was right on.  I changed all my LAN workstations back to default 3389 and just did NATTING of the port externally.  Not only is this less administration on each workstation, but it is also much cleaner.

    I also learned that maybe ports below the 1024 (e.g. 0327 in my case) does not work, so use above that as you suggested and it worked!  Maybe it is a pfSense or BSD thing, but it is just something to remember.

    Thanks again!

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