Carp newb dumb question

  • Hi,

    I am looking to "manually" force a failover via a script using either wget or telnet from a windows box that has management monitoring software (Legato AAM) that when there is an alarm it could invoke it.

    Initially I am looking at somehow using ssh or wget to invoke an ifconfig command, or can someone point me in a better or different direction?


  • ->Diagnostics -> Command Prompt
    Or the actual php script 'exec.php'

    unfortunately "exec.php?txtcommand=ifconfig" doesnt work because the GUI only looks for POST and not GETs, so you have to wrap your request in a POST, but thats fairly easy to do in a small script, even on a wintendo. (remember that you need to auth to pfsense too)

    You could also make a ssh-keypair without password, so you can always throw commands directly at pfsense through ssh.


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