Can't access web interface after initial setup

  • Hi.. glad to see such a strong community behind this product!

    I've installed it and ran the initial configuration through the web interface, but after it reboots, I can't seem to access it. Any ideas?

    Thanks for reading!

  • No way.
    We see even less then you do : not the screen (pfSense device) with the messages - we don't no nothing about what you did when you set it up.

    Btw : reboot ? Why ?

  • It forces a reboot.. I changed the IP address and set a DNS server during the setup. Nothing else, I don't believe.

  • Banned

    Uhm… perhaps it would work better if you changed your PC's IP address as well to match the pfSense LAN subnet. Or perhaps enable DHCP? Or maybe just try again so that you can tell us what exactly you have done, since you apparently cannot even remember? Sigh...

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