Installing pfSense 2.2.2 Tutorial

  • Hi,

    I created a simple tutorial on installing pfSense on an old computer any suggestions or changes let me know. I will add more guides in the future. Also if you want to install a router with ddwrt i also made a guide for that on the second link.



  • 1.  Your title page is 99.999999999 empty white space with a tiny text title
    2.  Center your images
    3.  Get the name of the product right.  It's pfSense, not pfsense
    4.  Capitalize acronyms.  It's USB, not usb
    5.  Your embedded images are too big and take up too much space on the page.  Shrink them down, lower your colour depth and sharpen them so they're still readable
    6.  Run-on sentences galore, no punctuation whatsoever…

    and on and on... so many typos and other mistakes.  I'm not trying to dump on you and I applaud your effort, but your document needs some TLC from someone with better command of written English.

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    dude 47MB really??  When it finishes downloading I will take a look.. But I am guessing Kom is spot on as usual.

    So – simple compress images in word look the new size

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    If you'd like some general guidelines about how best to handle certain phrases, look over the style guide we use for the wiki:

    Not all of that will be relevant for an external document but it can still help overcome some common issues with formatting, grammar, and so on to make it cleaner and easier to read.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your input I Will change it. The 47mb probably because I took the photos with an iphone I will shrink the images and rewrite.

    Thank you

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    I would prob do your images in a vm to make images easier vs having to use any sort of camera, etc.

  • Appreciate the effort killmasta93. Your intentions are good and with the constructive criticism you are receiving you can make the guide even better.  Cheers!

  • Thanks, I just edited shrink it to 2mb from 47mb and changed grammar. Hopefully its better

  • Don't you think a PDF is better suited for publication than a Word document?
    Even Microsoft has "save as/export" in this format meanwhile.

  • well true..But I leave it was Word because its open to anyone that wants to edit. I know that its possible to change PDF to Word but I tried before, it messed up the whole document.

  • It's in desperate need of some formatting.  Download a few professional manuals or guides and take some notes on how they look.  Pay attention to:

    • Font faces & sizes

    • General layout & spacing

    • Chapters or Headings

    Make your title font size larger than the body text, and BOLD it or something to make it stand out.

    Also, don't link to the i386 build since it's being deprecated.

    Do as John says and use a virtual machine so you can create clear screencaps instead of fuzzy photos with flash flares.

    Don't put your images inline with your text or it just looks like a jumble.

    VLAN, not Vlan.

    I could go on, but the major thing seems to be you're installing in one particular way and you don't talk about other options.  Any time the user has some sort of choice, you need to explain the available options and what they mean instead of just saying "Do this", when it may not apply to that user.  For example, you say to enable DHCP on LAN.  That can cause major problems if the user already has a DHCP server.

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