CSR for cacert.org?

  • Hi all,

    I use CaCert.Org as a free CA. Seems to work fine so far. At least I was able to import the CA's data into pfSense.
    Now I want to create a server certificate for my pfSense box and thus I created a new CertificateSigningRequest which I wanted to cut&paste into the web GUI of CaCert.Org.

    pfSense offers the following options:

    • export the cert –> .crt file

    • export the key –> private (?) .key file

    • export in .p12 format

    CaCert wants and needs a CSR. Where do I get now my CSR which I can cut&paste on CaCert.org?

    And no, I do want to use pfSense as CA so I am not going to the command line!

    Thanks in advance

  • Ok, forget it. I have to select to "Edit" the CSR and it displays it in ASCII format…

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