VPN and routing such that I can resolve local names on remote location

  • Hi all,

    I have a setup like this.

    local (DNS) -> vpn -> Remote (DNS)

    This is what I am trying to accomplish.  I want to send only vpn traffic thru the vpn and other traffic over their default routes.

    I want to be able to reslove local names on remote site via the dns at the remote site, and all other names via my local dns.

    I have accomplished this by letting the vpn set my dns server to the vpn on far side of vpn and the telling the vpn client which specific routes to route over the vpn.  My problem with this is privacy.
    Since all DNS goes to remote DNS so they can see all my queries.

    I am using vnpc to connect to vpn so i have thru this control over what traffic/routes to send over vpn but no control over what queries to send to DNS as its all or nothing.

    If I use my local DNS then I can't resolve local names on remote location, only names on their WAN which have public IPs.

    What can I do to accomplish my stated goal.

    Thanks in advance!

  • How do the domain suffixes look on the local and remote sites?

    e.g. host1.localdomain.net / host-b.remote.com

    Could you use domain search suffixes & DNS forwarder / referers?

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