• Hey,
    I just thought it would be good Idea to show visual on reboots, with leds on WRAP board, probably blink  first LED  with "f1" while it loads and when its done set back to defult position "1".

    Should be easy too do, echo first command on boot loader and then on last line too… but for some reson I can find boot loarer? and Shell doesnt support? "dir" hmm

    Do you think its good idea to do?

  • Keep in mind that only thr wrap has 3 LEDs. Other devices like the soekris only have an "error" LED to toogle and this then might confuse a user. Also the Wrap LED is solid green before freebsd actually starts booting. This might also confuse as you can't tell is it hung before trying to boot or is it up and running.

    But if it can be done like in the following example without breaking something for other platforms that don't have the second LED I would like to have it too:
    1st LED is always on (at least for the wrap, indicates Power, you can toogle it but it might confuse due to the above described reasons)
    2nd LED is off before BSD starts booting up and switches to blinking state when BSD takes over. It will finally switch to on when it's up (same time when the readybeeps are played)