Simple L2TP config question - VPN users can't see LAN

  • I have searched the documentation for clues but am left confused - I hope someone can give me an answer to what is a very simple config question. I haven't used L2TP or pfSense before….

    Remote user's network:
    LAN address of pfsense:
    WAN address of pfsense:  (obviously not real)
    Local area network:
    Local area DHCP range to

    I have setup an L2TP/IPSEC VPN, and my remote user can connect into the pfsense OK. He picks up an IP address as set in the VPN: L2TP: L2TP screen. He can also then and get to the pfsense GUI, so he is connected OK. However he can't ping or access anything else on the LAN eg. 
    What am I missing here? I really don't know what to put in the attached screen  ie. the server address and remote address range.

    There are rules on the WAN3PLUS tab for allowing 500 and 1701 but not sure if I need another to allow the remote user to see resources on the LAN


  • Will reply to my own question as I have made some progress.
    I have put in a dummy IP range 192.168.250.x in the L2TP settings.

    I can access the server on the the LAN \  through netbios which is exactly what I wanted.

    I still can't ping which I don't understand I must confess, so if anyone can shed light on this I would be grateful.

  • I have the same problem.

    Could somebody help?

    As test effects i setted L2TP VPN to accept all traffic.

    Thank you

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