Firebox x750e Router DNS Not Resolving PFsense Nano 2.1.5

  • I have my Firebox x750e up and running.  At this point I have one WAN and one LAN port setup.  In the general setup tab I have 3 dns servers one is an upstream router, and other two are public dns servers. At this point all my clients can use dns without issue.  But if I try to resolve any dns in pfsense itself it can't.  I can ping all the dns servers it has setup within pfsense.  I'm not sure what I am missing.

    Any help would be great thanks!

  • What interface are your WAN connection?
    I have a similar problem usign 2.2.4 on a x750e where if I use the one of the msk interfaceses then i'm able to ping any public ip e.g. but I'm unable to do any dns resolving.
    But if I use one of the sk interfaceses everyting is allright.

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