DNS Forwarder wt Windows 2000/2003 domains - Solution

  • The DNS Forwarder is too strict in what it determines is a valid domain name, when using Windows 2000/2003 domains one must forward a set of zones onto the Windows Domain controller in order for the client computers to login (and other domain related tasks)  A simple solution would be to relax the rules by adding an underscore "_" to the regular expression in the function "is_domain" located in the file "/etc/inc/util.inc"

    List of required zones for proper Microsoft Domain usage:

    _udp. <domain>_tcp. <domain>_sites. <domain>_msdcs. <domain>forestdnszones. <domain>domaindnszones. <domain>Example (Red = New Code):
    /* returns true if $domain is a valid domain name */
    function is_domain($domain) {
    if (!is_string($domain))
    return false;

    if (preg_match("/^([[color=Red]**_**a-z0-9-]+.?)*$/i", $domain))
    return true;
    return false;


  • Done, thanks!