Pfsense2.1.5: Update check fails on backup fw after resuming from master to backup

  • Hi folks,

    this issue is really bothering me. Pfsense Cluster working. On both machines the Dashboard can check for updates. When the master goes down, the backup server becomes the master. Dashboard update check working on the backup server.

    When the master is up again the backup server resumes to its original state (backup). But now the dashboard on the backup server cannot check for updates until the machine is restarted. DNS is working from the shell.

    I hope this is something known.

    Thx for help

  • OK, i added a screenshot of the issue. Hope this will help. When the backup firewall becomes the master, update check works again.

  • The issue occurs in a multiwan gw environment, when the default gateway is set to static. after setting the default gw to dhcp, Dashboard update check on the backup pfsense is working.

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