WANs not detected on 3Com PCMCIA cards - Dell laptop

  • I am trying to install pfsense liveCD on a Dell laptop - lattitude C600 - with one "integrated" NIC interfacee and to PCMCIA cards - 3CCFE574BT and 3C574-TX. during installation it OK with LAN on the "integrated" NIC interface. But it is not possible for me to get the PCMCIA NICs to se the WANs connections. When I "pull" out the PCMCIA card or "put" it in the SW registre it with the right model number. I have tested same setup on a stationary PC, with 3COM PCI cards - same WANs and LAN - with succes.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Irving, DK

    :( :P ???

  • ive noticed the same thing on some pcmcia cards, just type the interface name, instead of typing "a" type the name of your other nic, should be displayed what cards have been detected.


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